• Vintage Photoframe
  • Vintage Photoframe
  • Vintage Photoframe
  • Vintage Photoframe
Vintage PhotoframeVintage PhotoframeVintage PhotoframeVintage Photoframe

Vintage Photoframe

Vintage-inspired frame enhances photos with elegance.


SKU: 10027

Category: Photo frames

The frame's design likely features elements that harken back to earlier eras, such as ornate details, intricate patterns, or distressed finishes. These characteristics evoke a sense of nostalgia and evoke the charm of vintage decor. The 6x8 inch size is ideal for displaying photographs of this specific dimension. The frame serves as a decorative border, framing the photograph and drawing attention to the image it holds. Whether it's a family portrait, a captured moment in time, or a piece of art, the frame adds a touch of elegance to the photograph.
  • Style
    • Vintage
  • Country
    • Italy
  • Details
    • Ceramic
  • ConditionBrand New
  • PackagingOriginal
  • Dimensions
    • 6x8
  • Package Includes
    • 1 pc.