• Silver Figure Small
  • Silver Figure Small
  • Silver Figure Small
Silver Figure SmallSilver Figure SmallSilver Figure Small

Silver Figure Small

Small 4cm silver figure for decoration. Various designs available. Elegant and versatile.


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Category: Figures

The Silver Figure measuring 4cm is a small decorative figurine made of silver or silver-plated material. The specific design and style of the figurine can vary widely depending on the manufacturer and artistic intent. Silver figurines like this one can feature various themes, from animals and nature to abstract or artistic representations. They are often chosen for their elegant and timeless appearance. With its small size of 4cm, this silver figure can be used as a decorative accent in various settings. It can be displayed on shelves, mantels, or incorporated into table centrepieces. Its small size makes it easy to place and move as needed to enhance your decor.
  • Style
    • Vintage
  • Country
    • Italy
  • Details
    • Silver
  • ConditionBrand New
  • PackagingNo Packaging
  • Dimensions
    • 4 cm
  • Package Includes
    • 1 pc.