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Porcelain PlatePorcelain PlatePorcelain Plate

Porcelain Plate

24 cm porcelain plate by Epiag Lofida, a brand associated with Porcelain CZ. Stylish and versatile.


SKU: 10425

Brand: Epiag Lofida - Porcelan Cz

Category: Porcelain

Porcelain plate measuring 24 cm in diameter, created by Epiag Lofida, a brand associated with Porcelain CZ. This porcelain plate combines artistry and functionality, providing a stylish and versatile addition to your tableware collection or decor. The porcelain plate, with a diameter of 24 cm, is designed to showcase the beauty of porcelain material. Porcelain is known for its smooth texture, translucency, and ability to complement various styles of dining and decor. Epiag Lofida, as a brand under Porcelain CZ, reflects a commitment to quality porcelain craftsmanship. The plate's design and creation are a testament to the brand's dedication to creating pieces embodying form and function.
  • Style
    • Vintage
  • Country
    • Italy
  • Details
    • Porcelain
  • ConditionBrand New
  • PackagingNo Packaging
  • Dimensions
    • 24 cm
  • Package Includes
    • 1 pc.