• Jug with Handle engraved
  • Jug with Handle engraved
  • Jug with Handle engraved
Jug with Handle engravedJug with Handle engravedJug with Handle engraved

Jug with Handle engraved

1.5L jug with handle


SKU: 10632

Brand: Bohemia Crystal Glass

Category: Glass

The 1.5L jug with a handle, measuring 25cm in height and made by Bohemia Crystal Glass, is a versatile and beautifully designed container often used for various purposes, including serving beverages, such as water, juice, or iced tea. Here are some details about this jug: Material: The jug is made from high-quality crystal glass. Bohemia Crystal Glass is renowned for its clarity, brilliance, and the ability to enhance the presentation of beverages. Capacity: With a capacity of 1.5 liters, this jug is spacious and suitable for serving a larger quantity of beverages, making it ideal for gatherings or special occasions. Design: Crystal glass jugs often feature elegant and timeless designs that enhance the presentation of beverages. The design may include intricate patterns, embossed details, or other embellishments that contribute to its visual appeal. Handle: The handle provides a comfortable grip for easy pouring and serving. It adds to the jug's functionality and makes it easier to transport and pour beverages. Versatility: Crystal glass jugs are versatile and can be used for serving a wide range of beverages, from water and juice to iced tea and cocktails. They can also be used for decorative purposes. Collectible: High-quality crystal glassware, such as this jug, is often collected by enthusiasts and collectors for its craftsmanship and aesthetic value.

  • Style
    • Vintage
  • ConditionBrand New
  • Dimensions
    • 1,5ml, h25 cm