• Champagne Glass Crystal
  • Champagne Glass Crystal
  • Champagne Glass Crystal
Champagne Glass CrystalChampagne Glass CrystalChampagne Glass Crystal

Champagne Glass Crystal

Hand cut lead crystal


SKU: 10297

Brand: Bohemia Crystal

Category: Crystal

The champagne glass made of hand-cut lead crystal, measuring 15 cm in height and 13.5 cm in diameter, crafted by Bohemia Crystal Glass, is an exquisite and luxurious piece of stemware designed to enhance the enjoyment of champagne. "Champagne glass" indicates that the glass is specifically designed for serving champagne, with a shape that helps preserve the bubbles and aromas of the wine. "Hand-cut lead crystal" refers to the material used in crafting the glass. Lead crystal is known for its high refractive index and brilliance, and hand-cut designs add intricate patterns and details to the glass. "Bohemia Crystal Glass" is the brand associated with the creation of the glass, reflecting a long-standing tradition of quality and craftsmanship in glassware from the Bohemia region.
  • Style
    • Vintage
  • Country
    • Czechoslovakia
  • Details
    • Crystal
  • ConditionBrand New
  • PackagingOriginal
  • Dimensions
  • Package Includes
    • 1 pc.